Blockchain Technology

"Our Game Changer"

GAHI ACQUISITION CORP. was incorporated in the State of Delaware to be the merger subsidiary for the potential acquisition of Blockchain Technologies Corp. and additional Blockchain Technology Software for elections registration and tabulation processes.

Blockchain technology is “the most important invention since the Internet itself.”

-Marc Andreessen, one of Silicon Valley’s top venture capitalists

What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a public ledger of transactions. All transactions are broadcast to a network of subscribing nodes, and each node updates its own copy of the ledger with the new transactions. Once a new group of transactions is verified, a block is created and added to the blockchain. All transactions for the ledger are publicly visible and verifiable based on previous blocks. Essentially, blockchain is a ledger that anyone can add things to but no one can remove anything from. This creates a certain and verifiable record.  

Why is Blockchain Important?

Basically, blockchain technology offers industry a technology that can make cyber security an afterthought.  Because there is no centralized “point of failure” the computing power necessary to hack a blockchain is nearly impossible to achieve. While blockchain technology is most well known for being the backbone of Bitcoin.

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