Today marks a major milestone for Global Arena Holding, Inc. as it is the day we are officially in the “Blockchain” business and we couldn’t be happier.

The Blockchain and businesses around it will be some of the largest drivers of the economy.  We want Global Arena Holding to play a big role in this technology and job-creating revolution.

To draw a comparison, think of how quickly the Internet transformed the way we communicate and share information.   We all recall receiving AOL and Netscape CDs in our mailbox, and listening to the screeching sounds of modems accessing the newfangled World Wide Web.  It all seems like ages ago.

Today the Internet is as ubiquitous and in some ways as vital as the air we breathe. We rely on email more than physical mail, and when our computer fails to connect to the Internet we are at a loss for words.

Companies that leveraged the power of the Internet first became some of the largest and most profitable enterprises in the world. We’re betting on early adoption of Blockchain technology to reap benefits for companies willing to take a similar early leap.

The Blockchain, the underlying technology of Bitcoin, is a new protocol that will forever alter the way we use the Internet; rapidly verifying the integrity of electronic information and even securely transmitting value [money] are just two Blockchain applications, and there are far more use cases being explored.  In his whitepaper Satoshi Nakamoto cited distributed consensus as a powerful tool beneficial to humanity. We concur and add that the Blockchain will evolve to be as crucial as the Internet itself and many times more valuable.

Those who are eager to understand what the Blockchain is are encouraged to read our Beginner’s Guide. Simply put the Blockchain is a novel way to store data, protect that data, and verify its integrity – all governed by mathematics and absent human error. By employing advanced cryptography, once an entry is added into the Blockchain or any such “sidechain” database, it cannot be changed.

When we identified the opportunity to begin acquiring Blockchain Technologies Corp. (“BTC”), it was an easy decision. At the helm was Nick Spanos, a pioneer and innovator in the Bitcoin/Blockchain ecosystem, an arena he helped and is still working tirelessly to build. When we met Nick was already incubating six different companies with multiple patents.  Rather than searching for six worthy companies to invest in on our own, we now are acquiring a great package deal in one shot.

The most valuable asset in our acquisition, however, is Nick Spanos. Looking back to those Internet and other technology champions that spawn giant companies and fortunes, they had one thing in common: a visionary. Nick Spanos can be our Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs.

We’re thrilled about the work he is going to be doing with our already respected and successful subsidiary, Global Election Services (“GES”), which you can read more about here or here.

There’s still a journey ahead. Right now we’re only at a tenable accumulation of up to 30% of BTC in this initial transaction and are working quickly to acquire more. As investors or potential investors, we will be as transparent as legally required along the way. This quest will require unyielding passion, patience, and enthusiasm.  We’ve been in this business for a while and I personally feel well equipped to steer this ship. As I said at the open, I am excited about this first major milestone, but am far from content.  Soon enough, Global Arena Holding will become an innovator and leader in the Blockchain world.

I will continue to share my thoughts with you as we continue our journey along the Blockchain. In the meantime, if you’d like to ask me anything, shoot us an email or leave a comment.

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-John Matthews
Proud CEO of Global Arena Holding, Inc.