Tuesday night (November 10),  after the Fox Business GOP Presidential Debate, Blockchain Technologies Corporation (“BTC”), a Global Arena Holding, Inc. (GAHC) investment, held a post-debate straw poll at New York’s Metropolitan Republican Club.

The straw poll was carried out using the same blockchain voting technology the Company’s subsidiary Global Election Services will be using in the near future.

“Everybody had a great time and we were able to test and showcase our technology,” said Nick Spanos CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp. “The straw poll was a success on a number of levels.  And having run Election Day operations for many years, I’ve gain the insight necessary to envision, develop and file the patents required, for the blockchain voting machine.”

“We are thrilled with our investment in Blockchain Technologies Corp”, Company CEO John Matthews stated, “The voting machine they are developing for Global Election Services will be a game changer for us and it’s only one of a number of exciting applications BTC has under development so we can’t wait to see what they role out next.”

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