Elections and the blockchain.  Verifiable. Safe. Secure. Fast.

For years, we’ve wanted to run truly digital elections in this country but the fear of tampering and hacking has kept it from becoming a legitimate possibility.  In turn, our election process has remained archaic, tampering is still a problem digital or not, and voter turnout remains miniscule.

However, if there was ever a way, to safely bring the voting process out of the dark ages and advance ballot elections into a high-tech world, ‘the blockchain’, is it.

Blockchain’s verifiable, tamper proof ledger is the first real answer to the conundrum of how in the world can we keep these digital elections tamper proof?

As announced today, our subsidiary, Global Elections Services (“GES”), which is an election service company bringing in considerable revenue already, has started conversations with our acquisition target, Blockchain Technologies Corp. (“BTC”), about creating this “holy grail” for digital elections.

The expectations are very positive according to Marilyn Falik, GES’ CEO, who has a track record as strong as it is long in the election industry.  Let me be the first to tell you, her excitement over this GES BTC connection has been absolutely contagious over here.

We expect that with the finalizing of the BTC acquisition, some of these big plans we have, will start coming to fruition; and you as investors, will be the greatest benefactor.

Thank you again for being an advocate of the blockchain, and a supporter of Global Arena Holding.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section or shoot us an email.

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